A Must On Every Vacation To-Do List

After a fun day in the sun by the beach or the pool, the perfect way to end the evening is by enjoying the delicious food and magnificent view at our two finer dining locations, Verandahs and Aqua. While Verandahs is one of our newer additions, it is quickly becoming a family favorite, just as Aqua has been for years. Both locations provide unique and exciting experiences to make every [...]

Throughout The Years

Club throughout the years - Written from a member perspective When the shoals club first opened, I was just a little girl and had yet to fully grasp how special this place was, or how important it would become to me. The club started simply as a place to relax by the pool and grab dinner at night, but it soon became a second home to my family. With each passing year we had the [...]

Family Friendly

Summer is one of the few times of the year when the craziness of school and work come to a stop, and families can come together to recharge their batteries to prepare for another year. In our personal opinion, there is no better way to relax and recharge than by the pool in the sun, enjoying time with family and friends. One of the questions that the office is frequently asked is “but is it [...]

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