Throughout The Years

Club throughout the years - Written from a member perspective

When the shoals club first opened, I was just a little girl and had yet to fully grasp how special this place was, or how important it would become to me. The club started simply as a place to relax by the pool and grab dinner at night, but it soon became a second home to my family. With each passing year we had the pleasure of getting to know the staff members better, from the recreation department who never failed to play games with my sister and me, to the wait staff, who upon seeing our family reservation would promptly prepare two Shirley temples, to be waiting for us when we sat down at our table.

The Labor Day parties were a staple in my household. While most families looked forward to the 4th of July, Labor Day was the event of the year for my family. The memories of eating desserts until my stomach hurt and dancing until I was too tired to walk to the cart, will forever be some of my favorite memories. It was one of the few nights of the year that my family was all together, not my immediate family, but my island family. The ones who watched my sister and I grow up, the ones who partook in hour long conversations in the market parking lot, and the ones who bunkered down together when storms came through. These were nights that will forever symbolize the true purpose of this club.

We have seen many changes over the years, but each one has been for the better, helping to ensure the growth of the club and the satisfaction of its members. The addition of the full member pool deck six years ago was a game changer. This heightened the exclusivity of the club, and made the full members feel as though they were truly valued. While the staff may change, the welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, and beautiful view is something that I know will last long after we have all passed.

Not only have I had the pleasure of growing up on this magnificent island, I have had the pleasure of spending lazy summer days by the Shoals Club pool, and getting to know everyone on the staff from recreation to front office. It brings me joy to know that these are the memories I will share with my children one day, but it makes me even more excited to possibly bring my own family here, years from now. So that my kids can have a water fight with the great girl working here for the summer from UNCW, or that they may come to dinner one night with blue skies and leave in a downpour, prompting the hostess to give them trash bags to use as ponchos. I have been blessed to be able to grow alongside this club, and am eager for the years to come, full of dancing nights, belly laughs, and pool games.