Never Leave Hungry

June Take Out (Menu)

Aqua June Wine Down Wednesday (Menu) (in addition to regular menu)

While the Shoals Club strives to create the perfect vacation destination for any family, offering sensational views and exciting activities, we also recognize the importance of good food, and its role in fueling the body and soul for a day at the beach. The club offers four unique places to eat on the premises, but the focus today is on the Sandbar Grille and Latitudes. These two options take a more casual approach emphasizing the laid back, relaxed atmosphere of the island. They offer our members a wide range of exciting options to leave every guest with full bellies and smiling faces.

Whether you are looking for a delicious juicy burger, a refreshing watermelon salad, or one of our many cocktails to sip while you bask in the sun, the Sandbar Grille offers it all. The poolside location allows guests to easily transition from the pool to the table and back again for more fun in the sun. Our popular weekly Taco Tuesdays at the grille are back from last year, prepared to offer our guests an endless supply of shrimp ceviche and pork adobo, perfectly paired with churros and live music.

Head over to our Latitudes bar and lounge for heavy gourmet appetizers and fine wines. While the Shoals Club does cater to temporary and full members, we value the dedication and commitment of our full members and show our appreciation in a wide variety of ways, including our half price appetizer nights at Latitudes. This gives full members the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view, listen to live music, and spoil themselves with some of Executive Chef Caitlyn Fisher’s finest creations.

This is the fourth season at the club for Caitlyn Fisher and the third season as Executive Chef. Those who had the pleasure of dining with us in past years, will be happy to know that the same creativity and expertise that went into each dish last year, will be brought to the table by Chef Fisher again this year. Chef Fisher has been working in kitchens since she was 18 years old, and it is clear that cooking is a passion and joy in her life. Anyone who knows her, knows that she puts her heart and soul into her job, providing true works of art for our guests.

We look forward to having you dine with us and are eager to share the true talent that comes with Chef Fisher as well as the rest of the kitchen staff.

Menus and hours for The Sandbar Grille and Latitudes can be found on the website