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Independence Day

It is finally July and Independence Day is just around the corner! For the small village of Bald Head Island, this day is huge deal. Every part of the island is alive and buzzing with excitement for the day and all the wonderful activities that it brings. Here at the Shoals club, we have a spectacular pool party from noon until four that day, with games, prizes, and a DJ! Our flags are up, and the pool deck is ready for you! The club will be closing at 6pm Thursday to allow our staff to be with their families, so be sure to soak up as much sun as you can until then!

On the other end of the island, you don’t want to miss the annual 4th of July golf cart parade, starting at 10am. While this may seem a little odd to some, this tradition has been a favorite on the island for decades. A great deal of time and talent goes into each cart, in hopes of bringing home the top prize. Join the thousands of people that line the streets to see the creative talent of homeowners, regulars, and first-time vacationers. In the evening, be sure to head to the marina to watch the famous fireworks display that the town of Southport, across the river, puts on for the celebration. There’s no better way to end this spectacular day than with your toes in the sand and a brilliant, patriotic fireworks display overhead.

While we are celebrating this day, it is important to remember the reason why we are able to do so. We are the land of the free, because of the brave, and here at The Shoals Club we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those are have served and are currently serving to keep the freedoms that we so enjoy. Because of them we are able to wake up to enjoy a golf cart parade, play pool games, awe over the beauty of fireworks, and cherish time with family and friends.

We hope that everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day!